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Gallery: Wenatchee to Phoenix Flight

Here’s a handful of nosecam images from our October 2016 helicopter flight from Wenatchee WA to Phoenix AZ. As usual, these photos are not cropped or retouched.

It was a great trip with decent weather once we got out of Central Washington. We’d originally planned a route through California, but high winds along our planned route — including gusty headwinds in excess of 25 knots — prompted us to reroute through Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Due to the nature of the flight — delivering a helicopter for overhaul — we stayed close to populated areas or at least roads. In several cases on the first day, we flew through an area right after a storm had passed through. We hit some rain, but visibility was never an issue. Weather the second day was even better, especially in southern Utah and Arizona, as you might expect. In all, it was a relatively routine ferry flight.

The nosecam captured over 200 aerial images. These are the ones we think are the best. These photos are available for sale as prints; please contact us for details.

And please do keep in mind that the helicopter eventually needs to make its way back to Wenatchee. You can be the front seat passenger for our next flight! Subscribe to our special offers to be notified when long flights like this are available at deep discounts.

Lake Powell Photo Flights, April 2017

Flying M Air is tentatively planning a week-long trip to Page, AZ on Lake Powell. We’ll be conducting photo flights of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area vicinity from Page Municipal Airport for professional, semi-professional, and serious amateur photographers. Right now, we’re looking at April 23 to April 29, 2017 as possible dates.

Flying M Air’s Chief Pilot, Maria Langer, has logged well over 200 hours of flight time in the Lake Powell area since 2005 for aerial photography and charter flights. She knows the lake better than most helicopter pilots, having flown it from Horseshoe Bend (downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam) all the way up past Hite to Canyonlands National Park. She has worked with dozens of still and video photographers for fine art and documentary photography, including many of the photo excursions for Mike Reyfman’s photo tours.


In addition to the Lake, Page is home of Antelope Canyon and near The Wave — two geological formations popular with photographers. There are plenty of other photographic destinations in the area, including the Wahweap Hoodoos, Marble Canyon, and Alstrom Point. And, of course, Lake Powell is on the Grand Circle of National Parks in southern Utah and Northern Arizona, close to the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley, and many other parks. Our photo flights could easily be part of a long photo excursion in the area.

Because we’re not based anywhere near Lake Powell these days, we’d be bringing the helicopter in from Washington or California. We plan on distributing helicopter repositioning costs among the photographers who fly with us in an effort to keep these costs as low as possible. The more photographers who sign up, the lower the cost will be.

We’re also making tentative plans for a 5- or 7-day houseboat trip from Page on the lake for up to six people (double occupancy). This trip would only be available to people who flew with us on photo flights and would begin the day after the photo flights were concluded.

Photo flights with us at Lake Powell could easily be part of a longer photography vacation in this scenic area of the desert southwest.

Are you interested in joining us for this event? We’re working up a list of photographers who want to be kept informed about this. Please fill in the form below to send us your information. Your email address will not be shared or used for anything other than this trip. And please spread the word. With a possibility of 2-4 flights a day for the entire week, we’ve got the potential to take a lot of clients up. The more people taking advantage of this offer, the less expensive it can be.

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Share Your Photos!

Well, it’s finally happened! We’ve finally started a complete reworking of our Website to provide up-to-date, accurate information of all of our services and prices.

This will likely be a long process as we weed out old photos and content and replace them with new material. Although there are currently no glaring errors on the site, there might be a few residual photos and information about our old Arizona operations. Please ignore them!

You can help us make this site better than ever! If you have any photos you’d like to share with us for possible inclusion on the site, send them! We’re especially interested in group photos taken with the helicopter or at any of our tour destinations. You can use this form:

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Thanks again for your patience and for helping us out.

Flying M Air Included in "Robbie" Book

Robbie Book CoverFlying M Air is pleased to announce that it is among 20 helicopter operators chosen for inclusion in Jon Davison’s upcoming coffee table book, Robbie: The Robinson Helicopter Experience. The book includes a narrative and several photographs taken on our Southwest Circle Helicopter Adventure, as well as other photos taken in and around the Phoenix and Wickenburg areas.

To learn more about the book, see sample pages and photos, and order your copy, visit the Robbie Web site.