Charter Services

As a single pilot Part 135 operator (Cert. No. YZ7A240L), Flying M Air is authorized by the FAA to conduct on-demand air taxi and charter services. This enables us to offer services beyond the 25-mile limit imposed on most helicopter operators. We are currently the only Part 135 helicopter operator based in the Wenatchee area.

What does this mean to you? It means we can perform almost any charter operation you might need. Here are some real examples of charter work we’ve done over the past few years.

In An Apple Orchard

  • Executive transportation. Our client was a busy executive at a fruit packing company. During the growing season, he and other managers often needed to travel to orchards to meet with managers and field men to get solid estimates on volumes and harvest dates. Driving to each orchard in an area would have taken a full day, from dawn to dusk. Flying from site to site with us made it possible for him to visit as many as five orchards and still have him back in his office by 2 PM.
  • Real estate viewing. Our client owned a large parcel of land in and wanted to show it, from the air, to prospective buyers. We landed on-site and made multiple tours of the area with the owner and his guests on board. Our voice-activated intercom system made it easy for the men to discuss the site and its potential. We performed a similar service for a section of land that was up for auction by the state. For that job, we conducted eight flights over a period of three hours.
  • Location orientation. Our client was a real estate agent selling a high-ticket property. She hired us to take Realtors attending an Open House around the area so they could see from the air what it was like. We set up a safe landing zone on the property and provided ground crew to safely load and unload passengers for each flight.
  • Aerial search. Our client was performing mining operations alongside a creek when a flood washed out the camp. They hired us to perform a low-level search along the creek for missing equipment and supplies. We found one of the lost items, badly damaged but recoverable, in a remote section of a creek.
  • Vulture Peak

  • Wildlife Survey. Our client was conducting a wildlife survey as part of an environmental impact study. They hired us to fly them along cliff faces, inside canyons, and over tall tree tops, looking for raptor nests. We found and recorded dozens of nests and mating pairs of birds during the several days of the survey flights.
  • Cattle spotting. Our client was a rancher who could not find four of his open range bulls during round up. He hired us to search approximately 50,000 acres of hilly desert terrain. We found three of the four bulls within 20 minutes. (The fourth was presumed dead; when last seen, it had a leg injury.)
  • “Rescue.” Our client was a hunter who was stranded on the wrong side of a river after a heavy rain. After one night sleeping out in the desert, he called us to pick up him and his companion and bring them to his truck, several miles away. (Note: We are not outfitted for true “search and rescue” operations. In the event of an emergency where life is at stake, call the authorities for a better equipped search and rescue operation.)
  • Party Amusements. Our client was hosting a party on his farm for family and friends. He hired us to provide entertainment by offering short helicopter rides in the immediate area.
  • Prospecting. Our client was a miner looking for possible mining sites. He hired us to fly him around, low-level, so he could examine rock formations, including quartz “blow-outs” from the air. He found several sites that looked promising and planned to examine them from the ground.
  • Site search. Our clients were looking for an abandoned mine that one of them had found more than 30 years ago just below a ridge line on a mountain. The mine entrance was barely large enough for a man to slip in and, over the years, it had been covered by the growth of vegetation. We found what may be the site about 1/3 up the mountain.
  • A unique proposal. Our client, an airplane owner and pilot, wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a place he couldn’t fly to. He hired us to fly them to a predetermined destination and we set them down for their overnight camping trip. In the morning, a newly engaged couple awaited us for pickup.

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