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Well, it’s finally happened! We’ve finally started a complete reworking of our Website to provide up-to-date, accurate information of all of our services and prices.

This will likely be a long process as we weed out old photos and content and replace them with new material. Although there are currently no glaring errors on the site, there might be a few residual photos and information about our old Arizona operations. Please ignore them!

You can help us make this site better than ever! If you have any photos you’d like to share with us for possible inclusion on the site, send them! We’re especially interested in group photos taken with the helicopter or at any of our tour destinations. You can use this form:

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I understand that by submitting my photo to Flying M Air, I give Flying M Air permission to use it on its website or in other marketing materials. I further understand that Flying M Air will credit me as the photographer wherever this image is used. Receive of my photo by Flying M Air does not guarantee it will be used on the web or elsewhere by Flying M Air.

Thanks again for your patience and for helping us out.