Aircraft Information

Flying M Air flies a 2005 Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. Built in Torrance, CA, Robinson helicopters have an excellent record for safety and reliability.

Flying M Air took delivery of its helicopter, N630ML, on January 6, 2005. This helicopter was built to Flying M Air’s specifications and has everything needed to ensure a safe, comfortable flight. In this 4-place helicopter, you can share your experience with one or two friends, family members, or business associates.

On Board Our Helicopter

Our helicopter is equipped with headsets for every passenger and a voice-activated intercom system. This makes it easy to communicate with the pilot and other passengers throughout the flight. Other helicopter features include special “bubble” observation windows, leather seats, and an MP3-compatible stereo sound system.

Flying M AirFor the pilot, there are two communications radios, a state-of-the-art GPS, and an air traffic warning system in addition to the standard instrument and avionics package. Flying M Air also utilizes an FAA-approved electronic flight bag that ensures that the pilot has up-to-date navigation and weather information at all time.

The helicopter is meticulously maintained by a large maintenance organization that specializes in Robinson helicopters. When it’s not flying, it’s kept in a secure hangar, safe from the elements, and ready for its next flight.

Providing helicopter services throughout the west since 2001.