Gallery: Wenatchee to Phoenix Flight

Here’s a handful of nosecam images from our October 2016 helicopter flight from Wenatchee WA to Phoenix AZ. As usual, these photos are not cropped or retouched.

It was a great trip with decent weather once we got out of Central Washington. We’d originally planned a route through California, but high winds along our planned route — including gusty headwinds in excess of 25 knots — prompted us to reroute through Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Due to the nature of the flight — delivering a helicopter for overhaul — we stayed close to populated areas or at least roads. In several cases on the first day, we flew through an area right after a storm had passed through. We hit some rain, but visibility was never an issue. Weather the second day was even better, especially in southern Utah and Arizona, as you might expect. In all, it was a relatively routine ferry flight.

The nosecam captured over 200 aerial images. These are the ones we think are the best. These photos are available for sale as prints; please contact us for details.

And please do keep in mind that the helicopter eventually needs to make its way back to Wenatchee. You can be the front seat passenger for our next flight! Subscribe to our special offers to be notified when long flights like this are available at deep discounts.