Frost Control

Flying M Air has been offering frost control services in California’s Central Valley since 2013. Our services have been utilized by almond growers to protect developing nuts from February through April, depending on pollination times and weather conditions.

Travel Assets

Flying M Air offers two kinds of frost control contracts. Most often, growers hire us to leave the helicopter on-site and allow the pilot to leave the area until needed. The grower then calls the pilot back to the area at least 24 hours before frost is expected. But with our RV and other touring equipment, we’re also available to base the helicopter and pilot on or near the orchard for the duration of the contract.

Contract pricing is negotiable based on the length and type of the contract. Call us for more information: 928-231-0196.

Note that Flying M Air is also available for frost contracts on other crops throughout the year in Washington, Oregon, and California.

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