Aerial Photo Rates and Fees

These rates apply to all still or video photography over non-moving subjects such as landscape, buildings, roads, bridges, etc.

These rates also apply to still or video photography that requires the pilot to “chase” high-speed subjects, including cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, or boats during races, time trials, or other events. Passenger load is limited to 2 people (excluding the pilot) with a total passenger weight not to exceed 400 lbs. due to the performance demands of this kind of flying.

You Get What You Pay For!
Remember what you are getting for these rates: an experienced helicopter pilot who has spent many hours conducting aerial photography and videography missions, often in extremely challenging conditions. We do not use low-time pilots or flight instructors for aerial photography missions, as many of our competitors do. Our pilot has been flying this helicopter since new in 2005 and has put 2000 hours on it. She knows exactly what the helicopter can and can’t do and how to get it into position for the best shot.

You’re also paying for an aircraft capable of completing photography missions safely with a great deal of flexibility. Any operator who claims he can perform high-demand aerial photography missions in a two-seat helicopter or airplane is gravely mistaken.

Don’t risk your mission (or your life) with an operator who can’t deliver what you need safely.

Flight Time (Engine On)

Our helicopter in flight

The following rates apply for flight time:

Photo Flight Time
(with photographers on board):

Aircraft repositioning time
(with just the pilot on board):

These rates apply to the time the engine is running. Time is measured by an on-board Hobbs meter, which records engine-on time in 1/10 hour increments.

There is a one hour minimum for all flights.

Jobs requiring more than 8 hours of flight time must be conducted over two or more days. Wait/overnight fees (see below) will apply.

Regular clients can prepay for flight time in bulk at a discount of 10% or more. Contact us for details.

Pilot Waiting Time (Engine Off)

Our Helicopter

If our pilot is required to wait at your destination for a return flight and that waiting time exceeds 2 hours, the following fees are charged:

  • Up to 1 hour per hour of flight time: included
  • More than 1 hour per hour of flight time: $50/hour
  • Overnight: $350-$500/night (depending on location and whether client covers expenses)

Permits and Other Fees:

Clients are expected to obtain, at their own cost, any required permits for a flight. In areas requiring permits, Flying M Air will not fly unless we have a copy of the permit on file. Flying M Air will advise all clients, at the time of the booking, if a permit may be required for a flight.

Clients are also responsible for any landing fees, ground fees, or other fees related to the flight.

Deposit Requirements

Photo flight services may require a deposit of $250 or 10% of the expected flight cost (whichever is more) at the time the flight is booked. Be sure to inquire about cancellation policies when booking.

Payment Methods

Flying M Air accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover

We can only accept credit cards issued by US companies. We do not accept third-party checks. We cannot invoice for services for new clients without a credit card number as a backup payment method.

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