Photo Flight Options / Capabilities

Flying M Air offers the following options for photographers:


  • Doors-off flight. We can remove one or more doors during flight to offer a glare-free view of the subject.
  • Anchor points for photographer harnesses. Our aircraft is equipped with shoulder harnesses as well as firm anchor points to which harnesses can be attached. We can provide a harness if necessary. (Seat belts or harnesses are required for all passengers during all phases of flight.)
  • Up close and personal. Depending on aircraft load and environmental conditions, our pilot can get within 50 feet of a subject on the ground or in the water for close-up shots.
  • Hovering operations. Depending upon total aircraft weight with passengers and environmental conditions such as temperature and altitude, our pilot can bring the aircraft into a full stop hover to offer a still platform for work.
  • High-speed operations. Our aircraft can cruise at airspeeds of up to 100 knots (115 MPH) with doors off and 120 knots (140 MPH) with doors on. That means we can get on point quickly, saving time and money.
  • Room for an observer. Our helicopter has four seats and the power to lift four occupants. In many cases, an observer can come on board for the flight without significantly reducing performance.

Important Notes:
It is our goal to meet our clients’ needs while conducting the safest possible flight. Please read and understand these important notes prior to contacting us about a flight:

  • Weight limits apply for all flights. Your pilot will set a total weight limit for your flight based on the mission’s requirements and location and the time of year. This may limit the total number of people who can be on board during the flight. In most cases, the passengers will be limited to one or two photographers or one photographer and one observer.
  • There are certain risks involved in over-water operations and out-of-ground effect hovering operations at altitudes less than 300 feet. We will explain these risks in detail before booking the flight. By flying with us, the client assumes all risks involved with the flight.
  • All air-to-air photography or videography must be shot from the right-rear passenger seat. This ensures that the pilot has a clear view of the aircraft to be photographed and can maintain a safe distance while meeting the client’s positioning needs. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Our pilot will not attempt any maneuver she considers dangerous or beyond the capabilities of the aircraft.

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