Moitek Video Mount

Moitek Mount

Flying M Air is pleased to be the only helicopter operator in Washington with a gyro-stabilized Moitek Video Mount system.

The Moitek Video Mount is portable gyro-stabilized, gimbaled video camera mount platform for use in moving vehicles, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Our Moitek Video Mount has been customized for use in a Robinson R44 helicopter.

It utilizes three Kenyon KS-8 gyro-stabilizers, one for each axis of movement (pan, roll, and tilt). Moitek’s unique gyro mounting design allows the centerline of each rotational axis to pass through the centerline of each gyro-stabilizer, enabling maximum efficiency of each gyro. The position of each gyro is also easily adjustable while in operation to reduce independent efficiency, if required for individual video shooting requirements.

Moitek Mount

The Moitek Video Mount utilizes a unique, dual rail, carriage design that allows the roll axis of movement to pass through the centerline of the video camera’s lens. This aspect eliminates the pendulum or over-the-center phenomenon while dutching (moving the camera about the roll axis). Special precision track rollers made by Quality Bearings Inc. run on stainless steel rails. A removable centering guide is provided to center lens on roll axis.

Pan axis and tilt axis each rotate on a dual, conical, caged roller bearing setup. Spindles are 3/4 diameter tool steel. Quality, strength, durability and precision are all overkill. Including all parts, pieces, bearings, bushings, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, etc., etc., it consists of 518 pieces. Aluminum pieces will be hard anodized and steel pieces are powder coated.

The Moitek Video Mount offers several unique adjustment factors. These adjustments can be easily made while in operation through the use of knurled thumb knobs to change configurations as needed.

Adjustable features include:

  • Camera base height for camera lens centering.
  • Tilt axis centerline for camera center-of gravity balance.
  • Movement of optional weight plate for further balance control.
  • Slotted gyro bases for balance and gyro efficiency adjustments.
  • Adjustable pan stops to keep panning movement within range of usable field but can also be over-ridden for forward shots.
  • Total carriage height adjustment.
  • Mount unit adjusts laterally.
  • Tilt attitude (angle of camera sight line referenced to ground plane) can be balance adjusted quickly while in operation.

Moitek Mount

The Moitek Video Mount incorporates a special sliding latch design, securing the entire unit to the rear seat frame of a Robinson 44 helicopter without modifications to the aircraft. The unit is also secured with the aircraft’s seat belt. A pass-through hole is provided in the seat plate allowing battery packs, inverters, cables, etc. to be stowed in the seat box compartment reducing workstation clutter and increasing safety.

Provisions to attach pistol grip camera controls are also provided and can be switched from side-to-side depending on which side of the aircraft or vehicle is to be used in photo operations.

Aircraft vibration is isolated from the mount through the use of high-tech silicon-gel isolators manufactured by Advanced Ant vibration Components that specifically address the disturbing vibration frequencies created by the platform vehicle.

Sample Video

The following video was shot in January 2011 by Scott Foreman using a Canon DSLR on our Moitek Mount with only two gyros installed. (We now have three for added stabilization.) This footage is representative of what videographers can achieve with any camera setup on our Moitek system.

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