Photo Flight Experience

Flying M Air has been providing a stable, flexible aerial photography platform for amateur and professional photographer and videographers since 2001. Aerial photography is one of our primary missions; flights for photographers and videographers accounted for 25% of our flight time in more than half of our fiscal years.

In the past, we’ve provided services for the following types of aerial photography jobs:

    Crescent Bar

  • Commercial video productions. We have worked with several video production companies on a wide variety of commercial video projects for tourism, environmental studies, and education.
  • Boat races. We have worked with several different photographers for still and video photography of live boat racing action.
  • Automobile, truck, and dune buggy activity on closed test tracks and live racing events. We have worked with numerous photographers and video crews for still and video photography, including high-speed chase sequences.
  • Real estate photography. We have worked with numerous photographers for still photographs of undeveloped and developed property, including empty land and buildings.
  • Architectural and civil engineering projects photography. We have worked with still photographers to photograph road work and bridges under construction.
  • Fine art aerial photography. We have worked with dozens of amateur and professional photographers to capture images of the cities and scenic areas of Arizona, California, and Washington state from the air.
  • Air-to-Air photography. We’ve worked with other pilots and photographers to get air-to-air shots of everything from helicopters to historic airplanes to the Global SuperTanker’s massive 747.

Flying M Air is pleased to have been part of the team that created aerial footage for the We Are Wenatchee series of videos.

Our pilot has been flying our aircraft since it was new in 2005 and has put more than 2100 hours of flight time on it. She knows the aircraft extremely well and has a full understanding of its capabilities in a wide range of operating conditions. She has conducted many aerial photography and videography missions. Don’t risk your mission — or your life — with a low-time pilot who may not have adequate experience in the aircraft to be flown.

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