Aerial Photo Flights

Flying M Air has considerable experience working with photographers and videographers on both commercial and fine art still and video photography missions.


Whether your mission is to photograph a building under construction or first light on the Wenatchee River confluence, Flying M Air has the ability to get you on point to get your shot. We travel throughout Washington and bordering states for aerial photography jobs, offering an affordable platform for getting the photos or video footage our clients need.

With our acquisition of a gyro-stabilized Moitek Video Mount system, we make it possible for videographers to capture vibration-free video footage without spending a fortune. The Kenyon KS-8 gyros can be removed and used as hand-held stabilizers for still or video cameras.

Please note that Flying M Air does not provide photography services. Instead, our helicopter is used by amateur and professional photographers and videographers as a platform for aerial photography work. If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer with aerial filming experience, check our list of Recommended Photographers.

Providing helicopter services throughout the west since 2001.